SkySouth Aviation - Burlington, North Carolina SkySouth Aviation - Burlington, North Carolina
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SkySouth Aircraft Charter

Fast, Cost Effective, and Comfortable.

Direct. Fly directly to your destination, not the nearest city with airline service.

Flexible. Return when you are ready.

Cost-Effective. Same-day travel saves the cost of hotel, rental car, meals, and extra time.

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SkySouth Baron 99BM Beechcraft Baron 99BM

SkySouth Baron 95KM Beechcraft Baron 95KM

SkySouth President Kevin Mock Kevin Mock
SkySouth President,
Director of Charter Operations,
and Chief Pilot

  Office:  (336) 226-3330

  Cell:    (919) 667-3293
SkySouth FBO Services

Burlington's full service FBO. The amenities you want, without big airport hassles.

Beautiful facilities and
Unbeatable service.

  • On-Site Car Rentals
  • Crew Car - BMW 525
  • Hangars - Overnight and Long Term
  • GPU/Power Cart
  • And Much More...

Weekdays 7am - 7:30pm  
Weekends 8am - 6pm
Callout service available.
SkySouth FBO

SkySouth FBO Lobby

SkySouth Ramp

FBO Ops Manager Katharine Lowery
FBO General Manager and
Charter Coordinator

Office: (336) 226-3330

3441 North Aviation Drive
Burlington, NC 27215

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